Pet Finder and Matching Services

Looking to add to your fur family? Let us help match you with a pet that is perfect for your family from your local shelter, rescue or breeder.

We know how exhausting it can be to find the perfect addition to your family, and often finding the right one comes unexpectedly. We partner with local shelters, rescues and breeders to find the right pet to fit perfectly into your family. We match temperament, energy level, breed requirements and more to match ideal candidates for you to choose from. With our expertise and your loving home, you’re sure to find the experience exciting and much less overwhelming than doing it all on your own. Meeting dog after dog in a shelter can be heart breaking and not all dogs you meet may be having their best day when you see them on the cold cement floor. We look past that and find the one who is going to be happiest with your family, and in turn make you happier with their unconditional love.


$20 to match you with a specific breed, size or age, paid upon choosing the pet to adopt.

 $10 for an evaluation of a dog of your choosing to ensure they are a good fit.

$5 to match you with a local shelter or rescue dog that suits your family’s needs and exercise requirements.