Adventure Hikes

Your pups know how to sniff out a good time! They will be experiencing new places, new smells, new terrain, new challenges, new adventures, all while socializing with suitable friends.

If your pup likes to explore, whether a small Mcguyver or a large Columbus, we tailor groups to set off into the wide world of your local park. Hiking trails, state parks, beaches at the lake, all help to bring out the serious adventurer within your furry best friend and gives them ample time to smell the roses. We form groups based on age, ability, personality and energy and work on goals set by the pooch parents. Adventure hikes are set by appointment and availability by season. Swim days at the lake or rugged terrain to waterfalls lead to some wonderful pictures for their pet parents, who are always welcome to tag along.

We have access to some of Georgia's best hikes and several of the best dog-friendly trails. Some of them are even located within Atlanta's perimeter. These trails not only allow access to exploring new places and smelling new things, they also offer convenience – you’ll know your pooch is never too far away.

Our hikes burn some serious energy and can be much more rewarding than the repetitive walks in the neighborhood. Squirrels, butterflies, new leaves and fresh flowers are all meant to be sniffed and chased when on a hiking adventure; and with a trusty team member by their side, your pup can do it all while you’re at work or away!

Pricing: $75 for a 3 hour adventure excursion

Available by appointment only – includes a doggy lunch – Lake Days are seasonal only. Multi Pet discounts available.