Advanced Training

From Basic Obedience to Advanced Competition, we can teach it all!

Private Lessons, Group Sessions, and Certification Training

This is where your journey begins!

Classes Offered:

  • AKC Star Puppy - Group Class

A 6 week class that sets the foundation groundwork for the rest of their lives. Set them up for success by teaching them the basics with 100% positive training techniques while offering valuable socialization with other pups.

Focus on skills such as: Walking politely on a leash, house breaking, sit, down, stay, recall, focus, settle & more! The perfect class to begin their education and make the transition into your family painless and seamless.

Additional Information on this class is available at:

  • Canine Good Citizen Class

A 7 week class that is required for most service / therapy work and teaches all the essential skills both you and your pup need to navigate your busy world with confidence.

The first six weeks focus on skill building in a group setting, with some fun games and activities to keep both you and your pup entertained and excited to learn. At the end of the class, all pups take the Canine Good Citizen Test for the opportunity to earn their AKC title and Certificate to prove to the world that they truly are the bestest pup!

Some skills we work on include: stay, go to mat, advanced cues, leave it, find it, heeling, off leash recall, and more.

This training is also available in private at-home settings but all testing occurs in real world locations.

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  • Community Canine Class

A 7 week class that goes above and beyond the basics to offer you advanced obedience techniques in busy and distracting settings. This class is perfect for pups who have mastered their CGC training and are ready to go further and build on their education with their favorite team member (you!). At the end of the class is the CGCA test that offers a title / certificate to show off just how well behaved your pup really is.

  • Service Animal Training

This training is tailored specifically to a family's needs and requirements. Not all pups are suited for service work, and we work with you to make sure the skills taught are exactly what your family needs.

  • Movement Support
  • Medication Retrieval
  • Special Needs
  • Autism Support
  • Item Retrieval
  • & Many More

We pride ourselves on being able to pass on our education to all of our students, no matter their background!

  • Dog training classes are open to the general public for all breeds and mix breed dogs.
  • Instructed by experienced trainers that have earned titles and awards in obedience and conformation competitions with their own dogs.
  • Classes are limited to 6 dogs per session to provide individual attention and classes offer testing and the option to earn AKC titles at the end of class schedules.
  • Group course setting is not suitable for aggressive, reactive, or fearful dogs, if in question schedule an Evaluation/Consultation. Private class offerings are available to overcome problem behaviors.
  • We offer real world training that goes beyond the classroom setting because, after all, your interaction with your pup is not limited to a classroom setting.
  • We also offer Home Hosting Classes for the convenience of training in your own home with the option to include your neighbors, friends and family so you can all learn together.

Pricing varies - please contact to confirm rates and dates of availability:

Basic Obedience / CGC / SPOT - $160 for 7 weeks including the test / title option

Intermediate Obedience / CGCA, CGCU, CN - $170 for 7 weeks including the test / title option

Advanced Obedience / CD, CDX - $170 for 7 weeks including the test / title option